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We are an online business portal that promotes job opportunities in Serbia; we connect partners from the country and abroad; we help developed businesses find new owners and in cooperation with local agencies, we help you find real estate. We work closely with law firms, consulting, accounting companies, and real estate agencies, we present you “turn-key” solutions for a successful start of your business in Serbia.

With the huge potential of Serbian companies, we offer the opportunity to find partners for them and their projects around the world through the established partnership network.

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Our services in finding the right business partner for you

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Finding a Partner

Finding a suitable partner in Serbia according to the client’s specification.


Checking all aspects of the business. Legal status, ownership, financial operations, level of indebtedness…


Advising the client in the process of deciding on the concept of further business, optimization, and law…


Organization of business functions or the entire business of a foreign client on the territory of Serbia after the purchase of a business or investment in an existing business on a majority or minority basis.

Legal and judicial protection

Legal and judicial protection and representation before courts, state bodies and regulators as well as before third parties and business partners.

Control monitoring

Conducting internal audit and control and monitoring functions on behalf and for the account of the client.

Work with Banks

Work with banks, financial institutions and credit organizations on behalf and for the account of the client

JV contracts

Organization of public contracts and joint ventures in accordance with local laws and the function of protecting foreign investors.

Permits and administration

Obtaining the necessary permits and administrative approvals to work in specific areas provided by law.