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Find business partners in Serbia

Take the opportunity to expand your capacity and connect with one of the companies that suit your business.

One of the possibilities for entering the Serbian market, which has gained in importance recently, is the purchase of an already developed and operational business or partnership with a local company.

Partnership with a local company can be achieved through:

  1.     Purchase of shares, ie majority or minority shares in an existing company
  2.     The contractual relationship that defines mutual relations and profit-sharing, most often through a shareholder agreement
  3.     Joint Venture (JV) in order to realize a specific project or long-term business, through a JV contract or the formation of a joint venture
  4.     Portfolio investment, most often through an investment fund or AMC related to a specific investment in an operating company, real estate, production, or project.

In this process, Business and Serbia can provide a full range of services on a turnkey basis, according to the needs and orders of the client, as follows:

Our Services

Finding a Partner

Finding a suitable partner in Serbia according to the client’s specification.


Checking all aspects of the business. Legal status, ownership, financial operations, level of indebtedness…


Advising the client in the process of deciding on the concept of further business, optimization, and law…


Organization of business functions or the entire business of a foreign client on the territory of Serbia after the purchase of a business or investment in an existing business on a majority or minority basis.

Legal and judicial protection

Legal and judicial protection and representation before courts, state bodies and regulators as well as before third parties and business partners.

Control monitoring

Conducting internal audit and control and monitoring functions on behalf and for the account of the client.

Work with Banks

Work with banks, financial institutions and credit organizations on behalf and for the account of the client.

JV contracts

Organization of public contracts and joint ventures in accordance with local laws and the function of protecting foreign investors.

Permits and administration

Obtaining the necessary permits and administrative approvals to work in specific areas provided by law.

Protection and security

Protection and provision of foreign investment in accordance with positive legal provisions and provision of political support through appropriate local authorities and foreign diplomatic missions.


Provision of external sources of financing through bank loans, investing in investment funds, individual investments and other sources in accordance with the law.


Restructuring of existing liabilities to banks and creditors.


Optimization and management of the company’s balance sheet on behalf and for the account of a foreign investor.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies for projects on the territory of Serbia and economic evaluation of investments, business model proposal.

Cash Flow

Cash flow management for the needs of clients in JV and other forms of investment or purchased companies by authorization and remotely.

Local partners

Finding local partners, suppliers of goods and services for the client’s needs.

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